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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Theories Theorem

Today everyone wants to be an expert about something, or in everything and anything, perhaps maybe even in nothing at all, so I too have decided to hop on the bandwagon (or stand on the soap-box) and present my reminder about unproven theories and respond to some of the meaningless academic spouting of the learned (maybe), over-educated (possibly), and respected (dubious) who have accepted garbage as truth and rejected truth as garbage. Hence, the Theories Theorem.

Problem: Which ever way you figure it, it just doesn't add up!    Solution: Try using a calculator.

The Theories Theorem

Theories are merely very remotely possible but more likely highly improbable, far-fetched quasi-explanations that self-appointed experts offer up to the gullible as incomprehensible, pseudo-scientific non-answers to the most ridiculous of questions to which no normal person can ever be expected to ponder or would ever wish to have explained, which however in the final analysis, are the theories that both the self-appointed experts and the gullible shall most likely blindly and without question foolishly and erroneously accept as fact nonetheless.

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