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Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Wedding Invitation

January 26, 1980

Miracles do happen and dreams can come true. I can truthfully make this statement from having lived the experience first hand.

Following are copies from our bilingual wedding invitation.

Kie and I were married in the government office in Malang on January 18, 1980, as was required by Indoneisan law at the time, however, neither we nor Kie's family considered us married until after the wedding ceremony took place in the church on the 26th.

Bride and Groom before the priest in Santa Maria tak Bernoda Church in Lawang. This wedding ceremony was entirely in Indonesian without translation. The only word similar to English was "Amen" and that was the extent of what I understood. I truly had to rely on pauses and hand gestures from the priest.

I was still trying to place the ring on Kie's finger. Kie was wearing gloves which made the ring a rather tight fit. Kie was also very nervous and was shaking. I never knew if anyone else had noticed.

That Saturday afternoon was already very hot and heavy showers typical of the rainy season in Indonesia simply pushed the humidity higher. Neither location had air-conditioning. We really were as uncomfortably warm as we appeared in the photos.

Bride and Groom at Maranatha meeting room in Suarabaya, Indonesia.
Happy bride and groom sitting in the wedding chair waiting to greet guests.
Bride and groom with parents...we really did have their approval for us to marry.

Thirty-three years ago I travelled around to the far side of the planet to meet and marry the girl of my dreams and I have not awakened from the dream yet.

In case you are wondering...I'm the heart-broken guy who was dumped by his girlfriend. I'm the crushed guy who did not go to the high school prom. I'm the wounded guy who completely wrote off dating years earlier weary of the 100% rejection rate. I'm the shy guy who was always dismissed as too quiet and too boring. I'm the guy who...and then a beautiful angel stepped into my life and my life was never the same since.

Miracles do happen and dreams can come true.

This year we stayed at home. Kimberly came with Kiera and Jonah and stayed over for the weekend. Saturday evening David and Winnie came over with a cake and we all quietly celebrated our 33 years of marriage. This was just the way Kie wanted it too.

With gratitude cinta-ku sayang.

The Oddblock Station Agent

Addendum August 13, 2013

January 26, 2013

Two things that happen after 33 years of marriage: You certainly get get older and you likely become grandparents. Kie and I with Kiera and Jonah.

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