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Friday, February 24, 2012

Mo Ghradh Caillte

 Ancient circle of stones beneath old grove of maple trees,
Long since vanished, half buried in memory by time.
A resting place, a refuge, for early autumn mornings
Where, songs not quite heard were carried on the breeze.

At top the rocky ridge and far overlook the stony stream,
The sign, a blaze, the first in a journey of many steps.
Over trail of many tangled roots to heart’s desire abandoned
Where, hopes not fulfilled were no more than a dream.

Hands rested upon her shoulders when, time had brought,
Silently a final gaze into her eyes, and forever good-bye.
Alas! Resolutely turn with never a last look back to
Where, words not spoken were nothing more than thought.

Stand defiant into the wind, face toward a setting sun,
With clenched fist raised skyward and an unbent resolve.
Declare a resolute never! Or an unyielding always! Enigma
Where, never give up and always defiant shall mean undone.

At twilight search not hidden glen where the angels dance,
Nor grassy meadow and cathedral trees, distant many years.
Dreams broken, desires crushed, all blurred by wasted tears
Where, by God’s grace the road less traveled was not chance.

The Oddblock Station Agent

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