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Thursday, January 26, 2017

37 Years!

Today marks 37 years since Kie and I were married, a special event we have planned to quietly celebrate together.

Our second night in Indonesia (24 hours after we first met) was spent travelling from Jakarta to Surabaya in a first class coach on an overnight train named, Mutiara. Seated directly behind us was Kie's father, no doubt keeping a watchful eye on us.

Whether by train, car, aircraft, boat or just simply walking, we have journeyed through life together.

Over the years we have travelled across Canada by train... so a few train-related images seem appropriate today. 

Kie on the go - riding a GO Train actually.

Watching the world go by as well as the years. We had this car to ourselves.

A few scenes...

Summer 1981 in North Hatley on Lake Massawippi

Somewhere in the wilds of New Hampshire... but our visit wasn't for long.

An autumn visit in Milan, Quebec.

Kie, Kimberly and Kiera at Serampus Falls in Maine.

An avid K-drama fan... pointing out the Korean.

Kie holding Audrey... in her favourite role as Grandma

Minutes away from Kimberly's wedding

A few minutes on the station platform during a brief stop at Melville, Saskatchewan.

A walk in the woods.

Instriku tercinta, terima kasih!

Kie, thank you for choosing me to make this wonderful journey through life with.

Deo gratias

The Oddblock Station Agent

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  1. Hello , my name is Rene and I am from Milan Quebec, we have a project of collecting old photos of the municipality. If by chance you have some to share we would be excited to have copies of them. We are also doing a celebration of Donald Morrison to coincide with Canada's 150 th
    To contact us you can reach us here in private message

    Thank you