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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Writing?... Maybe It Is

... however the weather is known to change very easily.

Most writers write to say something or to tell a story.


Why else would a writer write? 

One problem is that the words you have written down may not mean what you are trying to say. 

Yes... so far... but can others understand it?

Another problematic issue is that many writers do not know how to organize their thoughts and ideas into a coherent sequence to tell a story.

I'm sorry, but as a confused reader, I often get lost; very easily too.

As a writer, do not assume that we, your readers, know what you are thinking about, what you are seeing in your mind, what you are hearing in your thoughts and what actions your protagonists are doing inside your head; your readers do not have a clue!

Tell us!

Tell us in detail!

Be clear and exact, so that we, your readers, do not have to guess what is going on, or worse, give up in confusion and stop reading what you have written.

Here is a suggestion: go back later, days later if necessary, carefully and thoughtfully read out loud what you have written and then ask yourself, “Are these words that I have written the thoughts I was thinking, the words I wanted to say and the meaning I ultimately wished to convey?”

Only you know these answers.

But... the reader decides in the end.

 The Oddblock Station  Agent

The Last Word 
Not every word need be written or spoken, for silence is still golden.

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