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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Vision of the Future

Vancouver, BC, July 1974 

Dreams I have always dismissed as nothing more than meaningless nonsense and that was if I could even remember them. 

One specific dream I did remember because it was so very different from anything that I could recall having ever dreamed about before. Fragments were so vivid and startlingly too real that for days after I was unable to put the visions out of my thoughts.

I had dreamed that I was married. That in itself was not so unusual; however the lady I had married was Chinese. I clearly saw her face. She had beautiful dark brown Asian eyes, an Asian-shaped face and Chinese black hair. No doubt in my mind because she was definitely Chinese. She was also very beautiful and had told me that she loved me. 

The dream was disturbing and confusing yet at the same time was strangely encouraging. Awake or in a dream, no woman had ever told me that she loved me. I had never before thought it possible that the person of my heart's desires may be of another nationality. I contemplated and prayed about that possibility over the next few days and perhaps those hours had altered my perspectives. Anyway I tried to keep an open mind and at the same time dismissed the probability of that possibility as not likely to ever happen.

If I could not understand the opposite sex of my own kind, then how could I possibly fare any better with the opposite sex of another race? If I was a failure when it came to meeting women from my own nationality, then how could there be any possibility of meeting a woman from any other culture? Crossing those barriers was just too far-fetched a notion to ever happen but details I could recall from my dream had seemed hauntingly too detailed and too real.

Who are you? Where are you?

The Oddblock Station Agent

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