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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mrs. M.'s Wool Works

This would make a good title for a blog but Mrs. M. does not have a blog.

Perhaps one day Mrs. M. may set up her own blog but more likely she will stick to her knitting. Maybe, I'll set up the blog...just to do it.

Anyway, after a lengthy break, Mrs. M. took up knitting again. News received late last year (2011) that a second grandchild was on the way was the catalyst.

Box end.
During the winter months that followed Kimberly's announcement, Mrs. M. knit a baby blanket. 

Since Jonah's arrival on June 30, night time temperatures have been anything but blanket temperatures, but the blanket was made large enough to be the right size for the next few winters.

A few days ago I made a wooden crate-box for Mrs. M. to keep her wool and knitting stuff in. I don't think she was very impressed. The photo on the left was taken after the paint had dried and prior to assembly.

This is her first pair of wool socks and they turned out perfectly. Quite a few more pairs have followed.

Mrs. M.'s recently completed wool socks

The Oddblock Station Agent

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