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Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Bridge to Adventure

Somewhere in northwestern Maine a trail that disappears upward into the forested hills beckons.

Cross this river, cross this bridge and enter into the wilderness.

First learn how to read the signs on a trail. Second, be certain to take a compass, know how to use it and hope that you shall never need to look at it. If you lose the trail then the route out can be very difficult to find...even if you are only going a short distance.

A fence is barely visible in the background and it offers a last glimpse back at civilization. 

Where's the trail? Good question.

The above photo was taken off-trail. The actual marked trail is on the extreme left of the photo.

Are fences meant to keep something in or to keep something out? The answer probably depends upon the reason why the fence was built in the first place. Maybe the answer also depends upon the side of the fence one is on or, perhaps wishes to be on. Nonetheless, respect fences because they are there for good reason.

An eastern hemlock twig with the bright green of new growth.

Ahead awaits a trail of many tangled roots...this is the real stuff! 

Typical of some places along the trails, usually found on hills, and certainly no leisurely stroll in a city park. Also included on the tangled route are rocks, hills, water, mud, insects, animals and maybe even a few other unexpected surprises. Then again most surprises are unexpected. So too is the reality of adventure. Undoubtedly, this is the place where the faint-of-heart usually turn back.

Some parts of the trail are easier to hike but always pay attention to where you are going.

In the forest, protruding tree roots are always present to trip up those who are not paying attention. Those dead branches on evergreen trees are dangerous like spears. Always watch where you are going!

Nothing wrong with this picture...and no click of the mouse required.

Here, blending into the woodwork is easy without even trying.

Wearing something with a contrasting colour is not always a bad idea. 

And don't forget to tell someone where you going. Better yet, ask someone to go with you.

I just can't wait to go back to Maine again.

The Oddblock Station Agent

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