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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Strawberry Picking at Grandma's House

When Kiera comes to Grandma's house to visit I never know what to expect. That's right. Grandma's house. In Kiera's mind, Grandpa does not have a house. He only has a shed that always has a lot of sawdust on the floor.

Anyway, some ideas probably sound better than they actually turn out to be in practice. That is what I discovered when we went in search of wild strawberries.

Following is what really happens when Grandma sends Kiera outside with Grandpa.

Beyond the station...the gateway to the wild domains of the big back yard.

What did you say we were searching for?

Kiera really liked the idea of picking wild strawberries in the back yard...until she discovered that wild berries were not so easy to find and grew on the ground along with everything else.

A wild strawberry...really as small as it looks.

We did find a few but...

I'm not sure about this. Maybe I don't want to pick strawberries. the end she did not even want to taste one.

What would you rather do instead? 
Need I have asked?

Racing at the high speed of pedals with the deafening roar of plastic wheels on cement.

Learning to park. Just wait until she wants her own car... I can wait.

Now what do you think about going back to pick those strawberries in the back yard?

Don't mess with the little person

Kiera:        Grandpa, I want to go in the shed.

Grandpa:   What do you want to do in there?

Kiera:        I want to clean up sawdust.

Grandpa:   Okay.

Kiera cleaning up sawdust...something she always insists on doing.

How events actually unfolded: 3 minutes spent berry picking, 35 minutes spent racing on the neighbourhood sidewalks and 15 minutes spent cleaning up sawdust.

Kiera:        Grandpa.

Grandpa:   Yes?

Kiera:        Let's pick strawberries again.

Grandpa:   Okay.

Kiera:        What's Grandma doing?

Grandpa:   What about the strawberries?

Kiera:        I want to see Grandma. 

In Kiera's mind, berry picking seems to be anything but picking berries. I wonder though, who finally ended up with the strawberries...the squirrels or the rabbits?

The Oddblock Station Agent

Addendum July 10, 2015

Better pickings this year...

Wild strawberries from the backyard.

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